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Mobile "Bill-Me"

Patrons may select "Bill Me" as a payment option when making mobile payments. The Bill-Me feature offers flexibility in situations where making a payment may not be possible using a mobile phone.

QR codes may also be set up to open Pledge forms using the "Bill Me" feature.

How does work?

Patrons using the "Bill Me' feature will receive an email with a link to a payment form where they can enter their credit card information and complete the transaction.

The following payment page shows the "Bill Me" feature customized as "Brick ePledge 2012". No credit card fields will be displayed upon selection of the "Brick ePledge 2012" payment option.

Mobile Bill Me

The following information will be auto-filled in the payment form at the time of fulfilling the payment:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address

The rest of the billing information needs to be completed prior to making a payment.

Virtual TerminalHow much is it?

There are no additional costs associated with mobile giving. Mobile payments are treated the same as any another transactions through the system.

"Bill Me" requests are free since no payment is being processed. Settling the bill will be charged at the account's rate.

Virtual TerminalMore Information

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