Event Management: Listing Directory

Donor Management Software Integration

Easy access to all listed events

Unlimited number of event listing pages may be set up with events listed in a descending order. Registrants may register for each event separately through an easy and fully customizable registration process.

Test drive the event:

  • Event Page: 2012 Event Listing
  • Payment information
    • Credit Card Information: 4111111111111111
    • Expiration date: Any future date
    • CV2: 123

Event Listings

Event listing pages may be referenced through the page's web address or through an IFRAME within a site. The design of a listing page is fully customizable with optional header & footer.

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Salesforce Event Listing Page

Unlimited number of listing pages may be designed with different events listed in each. All events have a publish date for when they should appear and an un-publish date for when they should be removed from the listing page.

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