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Mobile Swiper1™

Swipe credit cards on your mobile phone for events, gatherings, and more. Anywhere you want to accept credit cards in person.

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The Swiper1 plugs directly into an Android or iOS device through the audio-jack and processes credit cards securely in a few simple steps. The optional Salesforce integration provides identification of contact information by looking up the name listed on the credit card. All transactions are recorded and may be downloaded through the Click & Pledge portal as well as Salesforce.

Supported platforms:

Apple AppStore Google Play


Download Swiper1

Swiper1 app may be downloaded through the Google Play & Apple Store. The QR Code provides a direct link to the application and may be scanned using an Android or iOS device (phone or tablets).

The Swiper1 app is free and may be used for processing credit cards manually with or without the Swiper1. Through the Swiper1 hardware credit card may be swiped without requiring manual entry using the keyboard.

Swiper1 in Google Play Store

Google Play Store

Swiper1 in Google Play Store

Apple iPhone: iTunes Preview

Swiper1 in Google Play Store

Integrated with Salesforce

Swiper1 integration with Salesforce offers lookup of the card holder contact record through "real-time" interaction with Salesforce. Contacts may be looked up and selected prior to processing transactions.

Transactions posting to Salesforce will automatically update the Contact record without any additional matching. New contacts may be posted and managed through the Contact Matching setting in the C&P Settings.


  • Accept payments anywhere using your Android or iOS device.
  • Encrypted transactions, ensuring highest level of security and PCI compliance
  • Accept all major credit /debit cards at the same rate set for the account.
  • Fully integrated with Salesforce and Click & Pledge Donor Management.
  • Salesforce Event Check-in / Check-out
  • Salesforce Event auto-attendant
  • Shopping catalog
  • QR-Scan Pay: Process pre-authorized cards using QR Code SMS.
  • Recurring payment with subscription & installment options for weekly, 2 weeks, monthly, 2 months, quarterly, and annual intervals with indefinite or set periods.
  • Free mobile virtual terminal
  • Allows for additional payments, e.g. tip, etc.
  • Real-time receipts – email or print, compatible with portable Bluetooth printer. [Supported models will be announced soon].
  • Tax and tax deductible settings
  • Simple pricing model – no additional fees for manual entry
  • All standard Click & Pledge merchant account pricing applies
  • AirPrint for iPhone & iOS devices
Easy Account Setup

How Does it Work?

Swiper1 provides an easy to manage credit card processing. Through integration with Salesforce web-services first name and last name of the card holder may also be looked-up and selected for processing. The following are a few of the screens guiding the process.

Item Selection:

Unlimited items may be added to the basket. Default values may be set in the Settings area for various options, e.g. Optional tax or tax deductible portion as well as default description and unit price.

Catalog options:

Unlimited number of catalogs may be created, each with unlimited number of products.

Product Listing:

Products may be listed based on a selected category.

Swiper1 Catalog & Shopping List

Optional Recurring Payment

Recurring payment with subscription & installment options for weekly, 2 weeks, monthly, 2 months, quarterly, and annual intervals with indefinite or set periods.

Swiper1 Recurring Payment Options

Processing & Salesforce Lookup

Contacts to swipe with Swiper1 or manually enter credit card information. Optional email address may be used for sending receipts via email. Using an optional Bluetooth printer, receipts may also be printed.

Swiper1 Payment Options

Send Receipt

Upon payment authorization the user has the option to continue with additional payments, printing or sending an SMS print.

Optional Additional Payment

Additional payments may be added (tip, additional payment, etc.) prior to checkout. Default values of the additional payment may be set as fix amounts or percentage of subtotal. The additional payment may also be added manually through the "Enter $ Amount" manual entry field.

Swiper1 Additional Payment

Optional Signature, Custom Questions & Terms

Signature may be collected for all transactions or for transactions above a certain limit. Signature may also be added to the printed receipt.

Swiper1 Signature

Custom questions may be asked as well as terms & conditions may be presented prior to processing the transactions. All information may also be printed through the Bluetooth printer.

Swiper1 Additional Questions


Transactions may be emailed or printed through the optional printer or sent as a CSV file through email.

Swiper1 Report

Transaction Summary

Transactions may be selected and individually re-printed. Each transaction summary may be printed after processing using the optional printer.

Swiper1 Transaction Summary

Backup & Restore

Store catalogs & products including pricing and settings may be backed up and restored across many devices and accounts. A QR-Code may be shared with other users for recovery of another user's backup.

Swiper1 Backup & Restore

Compatible Bluetooth Printers

Swiper1 provides an automatic integration with Zebra and Woosim Bluetooth printers. While we have tested the application with Woosim Porti-W40 and Woosim Porti-S30, all Bluetooth printers from Woosim should work due to their universal driver for all their printers.

The following provide a few points about the printer and how it may be purchased.

Woosim Porti-S40 Mobile Bluetooth PrinterWoosim PORTI-S40

Woosim Bluetooth printers are cost effective portable units with Click & Pledge discount price of $175. Woosim Systems is a Korean company with an office in California. While the company deals with OEM's, Click & Pledge has negotiated a direct sales with Woosim allowing our clients to purchase single units at a discounted price.

Swiper1 has been tested with:

  • PORTI-S30/40 (2 inch-wide paper) [read more]

Other Woosim Bluetooth printers will also work since Swiper1 uses the Woosim universal driver.

We have negotiated a discount with Woosim Systems, Inc. To purchase please contact Sales Ext: 114 and mention Click & Pledge discount. The discount is not available through the website.

Virtual TerminalHow much is it?

There are no additional costs associated with mobile transactions. Mobile payments are treated the same as any another transactions through the system.

Swiper1 device may be purchased through Click & Pledge at $29.95/unit. Mobile printers may be purchased separately through other direct channels as listed above.

Support Desk

Online Manual & Help

Click & Pledge online manual and forum provide a comprehensive set of resources and knowledgebase articles to help with development, deployment and customization of all products. Check the following resources:

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