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The payment engine is where Click & Pledge's platform started. It’s the foundation of our entire system. And it’s designed to be easy to deploy for light users, yet powerful and customizable enough for even the most demanding applications. With Click & Pledge online services, accepting online charitable donations, selling merchandise or memberships, promoting events, or even setting up recurring transactions is a snap.

Easy Account Setup

Quick Setup

Unlike traditional software, there's nothing to install. Just sign up, establish your account, and you can be running in a matter of minutes. Learn more.


Click & Pledge's platform is fully PCI/CISP certified. That means no security leaks to worry about…we monitor the system 24/7 worldwide.
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Recurring transactions

Recurring Transactions

Click & Pledge services for processing payments in Euro, Canadian dollars, U.S. dollars and British pounds means you can accept donations from over 39 countries around the world. Learn more.

Recurring transactions

Real Time Receipts

Upon confirmation of all transactions a receipt will be emailed to the contributor as well as the organization in "real-time". Organization may set up various lists and various conditions where different people should get copies. Learn more.

Accept Donations in other Currencies


Click & Pledge's ability to process payments in Euro, Canadian dollars, U.S. dollars and British pounds means you can accept donations from over 39 countries around the world.

Customized Fundraising Reports

Customized Reports

Data is available 24x7 for download. All data is in "real-time" and may be downloaded in CSV format. System reports offer a detailed view of all patron information except the credit card and CV2 numbers. Custom reports may also be created and saved with the desired columns. Learn more.

Salesforce Integration

Integration with Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM may be considered an extension to the Click & Pledge' administrative portal. The integration posts data in "real-time" to your Salesforce account with over 70 reports and 10 dashboards. The Click & Pledge donor management module is FREE and the Salesforce Foundation also offers 10 Enterprise User licenses to any nonprofit for FREE. Learn more.

Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal

All Click & Pledge accounts include a virtual terminal. Process credit card transactions at your office, at your fundraising event, at your convenience. Card swipe terminals are also available as part of accounts.

Admit One

Tickets & Name Badges [See sample]

When you sign up for Click & Pledge, you get an online box office for no additional cost. Learn more.

Centralized Hosting

Central Hosting

Central hosting: From 99.99% uptime to automatic updates and top-tier support, get world-class system performance without the hassles and expense of an on-site system.
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Customizable Payment Forms

Mobile Platform

Our mobile giving platform is less expensive, secure and without limitations on donation amounts or donor information. . Learn more.

Customizable Payment Forms

ClickIts Forms & Applets

Self-contained mini-applications that are simple to use and configure. ClickIts can be easily added to any website. Learn more.

Third Party Integration


Click & Pledge has been adapted to work with popular CRM/DRM and communication tools like, and Constant Contact so you can easily stay in touch. Learn more.

Customizable Payment Forms

API & as-a-Service Platform

In addition to all the easy to manage checkout pages, Click & Pledge has an extensive API platform (PaaS, FaaS, RaaS) designed for developers and web designers. Learn more.

Support Desk

Online Manual & Help

Click & Pledge online manual and forum provide a comprehensive set of resources and knowledgebase articles to help with development, deployment and customization of all products. Check the following resources:

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