MailChimp Integration

MailChimp provides a comprehensive eNewsletter broadcasting platform with special discount for Click & Pledge customers.

The integrated solution allows for patrons to subscribe to the organization's newsletters when a donation is being made. The integration is also available with the API through the third party nodes.

To apply for a MailChimp account & take advantage of the discount offered to Click & Pledge clients please visit:

1: Enable MailChimp

To enable MailChimp for a checkout page follow the steps listed below:

  • Login to the administrative portal
  • Click on Account Info
  • Click on 3rd Party tab
  • In the MailChimp sub-tab click on Enable MailChimp
  • Enter your Login Information for MailChimp
  • Enter the name of each of the newsletters you wish to offer for subscription.
  • Click on Submit

See a sample of a checkout page with eNewsletter enabled:

2. Add eNewsletter to each checkout page

To add eNewsletter subscription option to a checkout page, activate the MailChimp option during the set up process. easyPages provide the option during the wizard set up while the catalog pages use the 3rd Party activation tab after the initial setup.

Detailed instructions for each checkout page may be found in the online manual.

API Integration

The MailChimp API is fully integrated in the Payment-as-a-Service platform. Through the integration developers can take advantage of the remote subscription by simply passing the newsletter name as part of the Third Party node as show below:

<ListName >Monthly Newsletter</ListName >
<ListName >Activity Report</ListName >

To read more about the PaaS platform and Constant Contact integration please visit the online manual:
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