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Please refer to our Community Forum for news on interim releases and beta tests. []

June, 2014
Case Study | Immigration Equality Increases Mobile Donation Rates With Click & Pledge MORE >>

May 20, 2014
Proactive Stewardship Software Announced From Click & Pledge and Predictive Response. MORE >>

May 14, 2014
Click & Pledge and The NonProfit Times Announce Free Webinar
Donor Management On Salesforce – The Three Secrets for Success! MORE >>

December 10, 2013
Click & Pledge Announces “Connect”, A FREE Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Platform
Free social fundraising application enables donors to fundraise with friends and family for their favorite charity. MORE >>

June 3, 2013
Click & Pledge Announces Premier Customer Support.
The new paid customer support service will be live phone access to a “team of experts equipped to support every facet of the Click & Pledge platform of fundraising and CRM software and services,” according to the Company. MORE >>

January 4, 2013
Click & Pledge Acquires Fundraising/Payment Software Company Donor Town Square.
Click & Pledge announced today the acquisition of Donor Town Square. MORE >>

November 27, 2012
Click & Pledge Introduces “Swiper1” Mobile Credit Card Processing Solution With Salesforce Integration.
Swiper1 enables merchants and nonprofit organizations to accept secure credit card payments directly from their mobile devices with an optional integration with Salesforce CRM. MORE >>

July 10, 2012
Shopping Cart Solutions Integrated with Salesforce CRM and Payments.
Click & Pledge Delivers Online Shopping Carts Integrated With Payment Solution and MORE >>

June 6, 2012
“Pledge/Bill Me” Feature Added To Click & Pledge Mobile Fundraising Platform.
The feature delivers the ability to accept a pledge and bill the patron at a later time. The “Bill Me” mobile page or form may be accessed using a QR Code or entering a URL. MORE >>

May 15, 2012
Click & Pledge Sponsors Free Nonprofit Webinar Series: “The Experts Talk”
Leading Technology Consultants Talk The Features, Benefits and Value of Salesforce For Nonprofits. MORE >>

March 23, 2012
Click & Pledge Introduces Mobile “QR-PayCard”TM
Scan A Personal QR-PayCard With A Smart Phone and Make A Donation/Payment. Easy, Convenient, Secure. MORE >>

February 2, 2012
Click & Pledge Adds FREE Event Management and Ticketing Service
New application powers organizations to plan, manage, promote and pay for events and ticketing; Free to nonprofits. MORE >>

October 7, 2011
Click & Pledge Delivers SKU Management Capabilities.
Click & Pledge users will now have the ability to assign SKU identifiers to billable items to manage donations, identify products, manage retail inventories and maintain accurate, live data. MORE >>

September 24, 2011
Credit Card Swipe with Automatic Donor Management System Updates Available Through Salesforce and Click & Pledge.
Accepting credit card donations just got easier for nonprofit organizations. Click & Pledge has announced a card swipe processing feature allowing users to automatically update donor information into their Salesforce Donor Management System. MORE >>

April 25, 2011
Click & Pledge announces a free comprehensive mobile web platform.
Click & Pledge announced today the release of a free mobile web platform including a mobile website, mobile payment forms, QR code generation, and much more... MORE >>

January 24, 2011
Click & Pledge and Offer Donor Management and Payment System FREE for Non-Profits.
Click & Pledge announced today the release of a free donor management system built on the CRM platform.. MORE >>

May 20, 2010
Click & Pledge Introduces "Friendlier" Mobile Giving Payment Platform For Non-Profits.
No Limit On Donation Amount, Low Credit Card Fees, Direct Deposit of Funds. MORE >>

March 18, 2010
Automatic Thank You Letters, Announcements and More Now Available Through Click & Pledge.
Click & Pledge customers now have the ability to add thank you letters or information announcement “Cover Sheets” with each receipt. MORE >>

February 23, 2010
Click & Pledge Adds Online Electronic Checks To Product Line.
Click & Pledge announced today a new service to accept and process online checks. MORE >>

December 1, 2009
Click & Pledge Announces Free Integration With
Click & Pledge announced today the introduction of Click & Act, an online social fundraising platform that will be delivered FREE to its customer base of 9,000 non-profit organizations. MORE >>

November 24, 2009
Click & Pledge Delivers Click & Act, A FREE Social Fundraising Platform.
Click & Pledge announced today the introduction of a Click & Act, an online social fundraising platform that will be delivered FREE to its customer base of 9,000 non-profit organizations. MORE >>

November 20, 2009
Twitter Updates Automatic From Click & Pledge
Automatic Twitter messages may now be added as an option to any Click & Pledge donation or “check-out” form, the Company announced today. Twitter Auto-Post will broadcast a custom “Tweet” message to any organizations Twitter account. MORE >>

September 28, 2009
Fraud Protection Enhanced Through Click & Pledge Partnership with MaxMind.
As part of an ambitious expansion of its software services and fraud protection for online credit card payments, Click & Pledge Chief Executive Officer Kamran Razvan announced today an API integration partnership with MaxMind, a leading provider of IP geolocation and fraud detection solutions to reduce risk of fraudulent web payments. MORE >>

September 23, 2009
Click & Pledge Announces Joint Integration Program with MailChimp.
Click & Pledge, a software service provider for online financial transactions, announced a joint integration program with MailChimp, a leading provider of email marketing services. MORE >>

May 18, 2009
Click & Pledge Delivers Community Building Packages For Nonprofits.
New “Community Builder” Platform Delivers Popular Social Networking Tools, Website Design and News Delivery Applications To Increase Online Fundraising. MORE >>

April 21, 2009
Click & Pledge Introduces PAI, A Free, Open API Payment Platform.
Click & Pledge today announced PAI, an open application programming interface designed to empower developers to create applications for the suite of payment system products. MORE >>

April 6, 2009
Click & Pledge Adds Test Mode Operations
Checkout pages may now be set to TEST mode during customization period. TEST mode transactions will be identified as TEST transactions and may be downloaded through the reporting system. The TEST mode receipts will be identified with red markings through the receipt. MORE >>

March 21, 2009
Click & Pledge Adds Country & State Restrictions
Country & US-States Restrictions: Customize the list of countries and in case of US the states that are listed in the country and state pull down menu in the checkout pages. MORE >>

February 8, 2009
Click & Pledge Adds Mobile Ticketing & Avery Name Badge & Mailing Labels
Click & Pledge, through a collaborative effort with SerialIO is pleased to announce the Mobile Ticketing System. The Windows Mobile application provides an easy to use software for managing the Click & Pledge eTickets at events, conferences and gatherings. Complete listing of all added features is included in the release note. MORE >>

January 19, 2009
Click & Pledge Adds Euro, Canadian Dollar and British Pound to Payment Processing System
Click & Pledge, a pioneer in the delivery of Software-as-a-Service to non-profits, announced today that it has expanded services to include processing credit and debit card payments in three new currencies: the Euro, Canadian Dollar and British Pound Sterling. MORE >>

December 8, 2008
Click & Pledge Adds Free Electronic Ticketing and Name Badges
Click & Pledge has developed a way to create free, electronic, bar-coded ticketing and name badges for its customer base of nonprofits, political campaigns and similar organizations. MORE >>

November 3, 2008
Click & Pledge announces the new website
With the launch of an enhanced Web site,, Click& Pledge, a pioneer in the delivery of Software-as-a-Service to non-profits, offers non-profit organizations, associations, political campaigns, churches, schools and museums an easier way to raise money online. MORE >>

October 09, 2008
Announcing Community Forum
Click & Pledge announced today its new online “Community Forum” that enables customers and visitors to instantly interact, take part in discussions and ask questions, give answers and express opinions. MORE >>

September 05, 2008
Announcing 3.4 Release
We are pleased to announce release 3.4. This release provides expansion of existing features as well as introducing new features. These features are now active within your account. MORE >>

August 06, 2008
Announcing 3.3 Release
As the major component of its platform's 3.3 software release, Click & Pledge is pleased to announce that effective immediately, your organization's name will appear on the patrons’ credit card statement. MORE >>

July 06, 2008
Announcing 3.2 Release
3.2 release includes many enhancements to existing features as well as integration with Salesforce. MORE >>

May 05, 2008
Announcing 3.1 Release
Checkout all the new features offered by the latest update. 3.1 offers customers more control over their payment system. MORE >>

January 10, 2008
Non-Profits Get More Technology For Less Money
Click & Pledge today announced the release of its platform 3.0, an on-demand Software-as-a-Service platform for non-profits. Priced significantly less than comparable software applications available to non-profits, Click & Pledge offers non-profits three major components for online fundraising: MORE >>

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